For offer is a Francesco Moser frame set made from Columbus SL tubes dating from the late 70's. It measures 56cm by 56cm center to center, top and seat tubes. The rear spacing is 126mm and the headtube is 13.5cm. I have seen a lot of Mosers since I live in the Trentino / Alto Adige region, most are mediocre, some are all right, this one is excellent and in orginal condition. This is a special bike for a savvy collector.

This sticker here explains why this particular Moser is such a rare bird. I bought this bike from the original owner, named Talenti. He was a racer in the 50's and 60's and knew the Moser brothers well (especially Aldo, Francesco's older brother who ran the shop) and custom ordered this bike. I have a strong feeling that this frame was made by De Rosa or Milani or some other high-end subcontractor. Though I can't prove it, the photos certainly give this theory credibility.

This type of fork crown can be found on 70's and 80's De Rosas, rarely on Mosers. This photo also shows the nick (not dent) on the down tube - when the front brake swings around and knocks the tube.

Again, a specially made Cinelli bottom bracket and the extra effort to braze on custom cable guides is not standard Moser fare, though the chain stay bridge is.

One funny thing about these early Mosers is that the name/logo is sprayed through a stencil on the seat and down tubes (look at the "o" or "e") - showing plenty of handmade-ness, while the headtube uses a vinyl decal. I have no idea why.

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