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"Judge a tree by the fruit that it bears."

Corey Sar Fox has been helping businesses define and visualize their brands for over 15 years.
The following works represent a small sampling of Fox's most recent fruit.

Focusing a Brand: Colnago
"Tell me what I should do."

It's every consultant's dream to hear this. In this case, it was spoken by Ernesto Colnago, the legendary Italian bicycle manufacturer. Colnago wanted new ideas that would more effectively promote his brand. The first step was creating a Strategy Guide that offered four big picture solutions.

>> View the Strategy Guide (pdf 5mb)

After further exploration (and more documentation), a set of flexible "rules" were created and translated into a print advertising campaign.

>> View sample advertising templates (pdf 6mb)

>> View the CX-1 teaser ad with the newly created branding rules (pdf 800k)

Finally, Colnago asked Fox to create two logos for two new bicycles: the Apex-L and the Apex-M. As sometimes happens, names change, products change, strategies change and then logos get abandoned. So it goes with these...

>> View the Logo Presentation Booklet (pdf file, 600KB)

>> View the Launch Posters (pdf file, 360KB)

A Logo for Authenticity: SPA
SPA 'Sangiovese per Amico' is an initiative started by three Italian wineries in Montalcino. In response to last year's scandal involving "doctored" Brunello di Montalcino, SPA advocates using traditional, bio and biodynamic farming methods in addition to scientific testing to insure the authenticity of their wines. Fox was asked to design a logo to serve as the group's garantee symbol.

>> View the initial Design Direction Book (pdf, 1mb)

Teaching: Rocky Mountain College & 3T
It is often said that in education, the teacher usually learns more than the students.

This past semester, Fox co-organizied and facilitated a branding design course with Rocky Mountain College and one of his clients in Italy, 3T. The students did a great job and proved the above saying true.

>> View their final presentation (pdf 8mb)

Making a Coherent System: Originator Media
Simplicity is more difficult than complexity.

This saying is a good way of introducing the logo creation process. Great logos must have certain qualities. Simplicity is the most crucial, others include density, visual appeal, recognition value and appropriateness. Originator Media, based in San Franciso, develops social media applications. They needed an identity that represents friendliness and accessibility, yet also looked new and innovative.

>> View the Corporate Logo Presentation (pdf 3.5mb)

After creating the corporate logo, the next step was to brand the product - Masquerade Chat is an anonymous quiz and chat application for Facebook. The logo needed to reflect the same sensibilities as the parent, yet stand on its own.

>> View the Masquerade Chat Logo Presentation (pdf 2mb)

Corey Sar Fox is an artist who pursues his fancy with instinct and luck. It has lead him through the United States, Austria, Argentina and Italy. As a roadie for a hardcore band in Buenos Aires (1993) or as a coat check boy in a cabaret/brothel in Vienna (1996) or as a winemaker in Umbria (2002) or even as a cycling journalist (2008), Fox has always collected and channeled experience into art and design; convinced that a rich, inquisitive mind has more to express than a vapid one.

After receiving a Bachelorís degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (1992) and Masterís degree at the Arnulf Rainer Meisterschule for Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria (1995), he moved to Los Angeles, California. Fox co-founded the acclaimed brand strategy agency - i4 Group. In 2000, he was persuaded to join the Sapient Corporation as a Creative Director. Fox was also teaching digital brand management at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 2001, Fox simplified everything by moving to Italy and opening a one-man brand consultancy studio. This past year, he returned to teaching (remotely) by co-developing and facilitating a brand design course for Rocky Mountain College in Denver, Colorado. Over the past 15 years, he has been helping companies like Colnago, Credit Suisse, Nike and Epson America define and apply their brand identities to traditional and digital platforms.

Fox currently lives in Bolzano, Italy (so far north that they speak German) working diligently and quietly.
Logo Key:
(left column, top to bottom) bio&dynamica- organic wine growers assosciation, Montalcino, Italy; Colnago Apex- bicycle company, Milan, Italy; Originator Media- software developer, San Francisco; Marta Fuetterer- architect, Bolzano; Web 2.0 application developer, San Francisco; Azienda Agricola San Filippo- wine estate, Palazzone, Italy; Masquerade Chat- social networking application, San Francisco (right column, top) il volpe e l'uva- illustration for Aesop's fable; SPA- wine growers assosciation, Montalcino, Italy.

Corey Sar Fox | Galleria Vintler, 17. Bolzano, Italy 39100. Tel. +39 349 402 4476 Email.